Thursday, March 8, 2012

diary page: FiFi Lapin and Juicy Couture Masquerade Ball

Yesterday I was delighted to be one of the guest at Juicy Couture Masquerade Ball.

I could take a look on Juicy's collection and I found few beautiful pieces!  A bit of vintage look- scarf bra top and in the same taste maxi dress. Please take a look on the pics:

-beautifull fabric and wonderfull print, i really reccomend everything from that rail. As soon as i came home i checked the website and yes they are avaiable online:

I also was impressed by bags by JC, if you are looking for something cool definitely it will be bag with slogan "couture is here"!

More about the event? is was very nice, a lot of people from fashion brand, very nice atmosphere and so gorgeous venue. We could chat with nice music in background, drinking coctails or champaigne and eat so delicious cupcakes with fifi lapin images. Then I was very happy to receive a goody bag with JC perfumes!

You can find more pics from event on my fb page

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